Deluged by alcohol, Oh battles his way back onscreen

Art September 10, 2015 01:00

By The Nation

WE'VE HEARD IT before, but this time we sincerely hope that actor Waruth "Oh" Woratum really means it when he says he's giving up the booze.

WE’VE HEARD IT before, but this time we sincerely hope that actor Waruth “Oh” Woratum really means it when he says he’s giving up the booze. It’s just about wrecked his career while wreaking havoc on his health.

Spurred on by a chance to make good with a role in a soap opera that fellow actor Methanee “Nino” Buranasiri arranged for him, Oh has announced that he’s had enough of being a party animal.

His fans have their fingers crossed, because it was awful seeing their former hero’s career take a nosedive. Oh is best known for playing the Japanese soldier Kobori opposite Jintara Sukkapat in the hit 1988 movie “Khoo Kham”. He’s reached the age where any further hero roles are unlikely anyway, but the worry is that lately he’s been unable to work at all.

Oh is the first to admit that his excessive drinking rendered him unreliable, and the inevitable result was that his fame, savings and job offers have all faded away. His last employer thought Oh was merely behaving irresponsibly until the actor disclosed that he had a drinking problem.

“It just got worse and worse, to the point that my health was severely affected,” Oh tells Thai Rath Online. “I lost control of my bowels and my memory got so bad I could barely remember my lines.”

Left jobless – and pretty much friendless – Oh moved to Chiang Mai to live with his mother, often praying at a temple and gradually coming to the conclusion that alcohol had completely ruined his life.

Now, though, he insists he’s given up the booze and won’t be going back. We join his many fans in hoping he succeeds so that we can see a lot more of him onscreen.

Aum’s beau epitomises patience

Another day, another public appearance for A-list actress Patcharapa “Aum” Chaichue, except that once again she was turning up for the launch of another Face Shop skincare product by her businessman-boyfriend Pitan “Amp” Ongkosit. Yes, Aum is still the face of Mistine cosmetics, but she’s done a nice turn for the rival brand before – with Mistine’s consent.

And she puts in the Face Shop hours for free!

Monday’s launch was at Terminal 21, which was about the only difference this time. The press, as usual, only wanted to know when she and Amp are getting married. It gets awfully boring, but as long as they stay single, that is the requisite question.

Amp had another go a fielding the nosey query. He’s ready when she is, he said, repeating exactly what he said last year when they were interviewed together, but this he didn’t fidget awkwardly, maybe because Aum wasn’t within earshot. He hinted that it might take a year or two, only because Aum still has more soap operas and stuff to shoot.

Asked if they were looking for an “auspicious” date, Amp said they haven’t even considered a timeline and he’s basically just waiting for his sweetie to say, “Let’s do it!” It sounds like waiting is his only option.