Sweaty Nadech "mans up" with tough-guy facial hair

Art June 30, 2015 11:59

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Actor Nadech Kukimiya has a new look, some sort of moustache and beard he had crawling across his face at the Najaraja Awards on Sunday.

He explained that he grew it for his role in the upcoming TV series “Tam Rak Kuen Jai”, but he didn’t say whether the role also required him to pack on a few kilograms, and folks were talking about the weight more than the facial hair. 
“I don’t mind at all,” Nadech said about the unsolicited commentary. “I think if people keep telling me I’m bigger, it’ll motivate me to lose the weight!” He’s already doing that, hitting the gym in the hope of getting his six-pack back, and he provided all the motivation himself. “Maybe I enjoy eating too much and now I’ve got to get back working on my abdomen,” he said. 
Even better, Nadech has fallen in love with rock climbing. “It does burn off the fat, but maybe not enough.”
Asked whether he’ll be keeping the beard, he said it’ll be there at least until the TV series finishes shooting. He’s supposed to look tough and decided a beard was the way to go. “I have action scenes where I’m fighting or sometimes I fall in the water, so I get really sweaty or wet and a fake beard just wasn’t practical. The look really helps smooth the work, and when the director and production team have an easier job, I’m happy too.” 
Nadech was quick to reassure any potential casting agents that, in the meantime, he’s still open to jobs that require a clean shave. “I’ll just notify the series team in advance.”
Triphob waking up earlier
Veteran TV host Triphob Limprapat has dismissed cheap talk that Channel 3 pulled his long-running “Tonight Show” off the air. It did indeed bid fans farewell last night, but Triphob points out that he’s already got a bigger and better show ready to go on Channel 3 next Sunday. “The Today Show” will have more airtime, running from 2.45 to 4.45pm. 
“So it’s nonsense to say my programme was pulled out, because what I’ve got for the new show is even better,” he tells our sister newspaper Kom Chad Luek. 
The Sunday afternoon timeslot was vacant after Workpoint Entertainment’s “Ching Roi, Ching Larn” signed off for good, and Channel 3 approached Triphob to fill the gap. “The show will be variety, same at ‘The Tonight Show’, and I told them I couldn’t handle both. So the deal is I take over the two-hour afternoon slot and give them back Monday night,” he says. 
He ought to do very well in the trade-off, since advertisers pay Bt400,000 per minute of commercial time on Sunday afternoons and only Bt300,000 on Monday nights. “And I got half an hour more airtime, so what would you have chosen if it had been you?”
Triphob says he’s taking the same successful formula to “The Today Show”, but he’ll have much more content that will appeal to his fans. Asked whether he had a lot of sleepless nights trying to come up with a name for the new show, he says the similarity is deliberate. “I used to do a variety show at night, ‘The Tonight Show’, so moving to the daytime and naming it ‘The Today Show’ is appropriate and easy for the audience to remember.”