Firming up under-eye bags without surgery

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I have bags under my eyes. I have |tried filler injections, but the results are not satisfactory. I've heard that Thermage helps, but will it |affect the filler?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but they are also the windows to our age. When the skin ages, the delicate skin around the eyes is usually among the first to show signs, and these include under-eye bags.

Under-eye bags are quite common. In addition to ageing, the causes include fatigue or being tired, allergies and genetics. In some cases, there is extra fat in the under-eye areas, creating the baggy pouches. For some, the cause is loose skin under the eyes.

There are many ways to treat under-eye bags, and the filler injection is one of them. If your under-eye bags are mild, fillers may help hide the problem and improve any darkness caused by a shadow. The substance is injected to plump up the hollow area and give the skin a smoother appearance.

For more substantial bulging, however, the excess fat should be removed. Traditionally, blepharoplasty or surgery would be recommended.

Fortunately, today, technology is much more advanced, and it is possible to tighten the skin and remove excess fat under the eyes without surgery. Thermage, for example, can help improve the appearance of under-eye bags non-surgically.

Thermage works by heating up the deep layer of the skin to stimulate collagen production, which means smoother and tighter skin under the eyes. This helps promote a more youthful and healthier appearance.

Regarding your question, there haven’t been enough studies to confirm whether post-filler Thermage treatment would dissolve the substance. It depends on how deep the filler has been injected. However, even if the filler is injected in a more superficial layer, and you undergo Thermage treatment, the energy will only affect your filler partially. It won’t completely dissolve the filler.

When treating a beauty concern, sometimes it requires more than one technique. Thermage can be done alongside a filler injection or a botulinum toxin injection to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. However, if you are planning to do both Thermage and filler injection, it is better to start with Thermage first, followed by filler injection.

Alternatively, you can wait a month after the filler injection, or two weeks after botulinum toxin injection. That’s because you should wait until the results have reached their stable point before trying another method.

The best solution would be to consult an experienced dermatologist who can help design the right treatment options for each individual. This will help you get the most satisfactory results and minimal risks. Anything to do with the eyes should always be treated with caution, as a lot of things can go wrong if the practitioner is not experienced.

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