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Art November 24, 2014 01:00

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It was back in April when Kim Kardashian brought her reality TV show to Thailand, but her visit returned to the headlines last week with the story of a poor little Thai girl who politely refused to be the adopted daughter of the millionaire celebrity.

For her show “Keeping Up with Kardashians”, Kim visited a children’s home in Phang Nga, which supports children and families hit by the 2004 tsunami. She was immediately drawn to 13-year-old Pink, and in the show broadcast in August, Kim bonded with the girl and gave her bracelet.
Later, in a solo aside to her cameras, Kardashian mused about becoming a foster mum. “When you meet someone that you really connect to like this, you can’t help but think like how you could change their life. And I think that looking into adoption would be amazing,” she said.
Pink was later taken aside by the children’s home supervisor and told of Kardashian’s adoption plans.
And while the prospect was inviting, Pink’s answer was a firm yet polite “no”.
“Everyone wants to have a different or a better life, I suppose. But when I thought about it I realised it wouldn’t be good for me, because I would have to leave so much behind. I wasn’t ready for that,” she was quoted as saying last week by the Daily Mail.
Kardashian had mentioned her adoption plans to her husband, musician Kanye West, but appeared to cool off on the idea after being scolded by her mother for treating adoption like a trip to the mall. Also, a resort manager warned her that adoption in Thailand is “very, very difficult”.
And there’s one other little problem – Pink is not in fact an orphan. She stays at the children’s home because her family is very poor. But her mother lives nearby, and helps out at the home.
As for Pink, she couldn’t be happier. She’s determined to go to university and maybe be a tour guide or a teacher. “I want to help my country. I want people to come and learn about Thailand and understand more about my country. That is why I am thinking of being a tour guide,” she said in the Daily Mail.
And perhaps Kardashian could come back on follow up on the life of Pink. “I would like to see her again one day if it’s possible,” the girl told the Daily Mail. “I’d like to meet her husband and her daughter as well. I’d like to meet the whole family.”
The best special effect
What the heck was filmmaker MR Chalermchatri “Adam” Yukol going on about when he said actress Taksaorn “Aff” Techanarong’s pregnancy would not delay the making of “The Legend of King Naresuan Part VI”?
“Actually, it was a plus,” Adam said in remarks last week about the latest work of his father, MC Chatrichalerm “Than Mui” Yukol.
Now more details have emerged, thanks to the Instagram page of Aff’s co-star, Lt-Colonel Wanchana “Bird” Sawatdee, who portrays the 16th-century Ayutthaya monarch.
“Waiting for Aff until she was eight months pregnant to get this scene,” Bird remarks about a cast photo in which Aff shows off a prominent baby bump. 
Turns out Aff’s pregnancy worked out just about perfect, because in the story of “Naresuan 6”, Aff’s character Maneechan, crowned queen in “Naresuan 5”, is six months pregnant.
The news was a hit among film buffs. They were full of praise (perhaps with tongue in cheek) that Than Mui really has an eye for detail.