Baitoey covers up, EU still deplores coup

Art October 21, 2014 01:00

By The Nation
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It apparently has nothing to do with the sweeping reforms envisioned by the military government, but pop-country singer Sutheevan 'Baitoey R Siam' Thavisin has announced that she will henceforth be wearing clothes that aren't loud or even skimpy.

Gone forever are the san samoe hu, as short-short hot pants are known in slang.
It’s Baitoey’s contribution to the New World Order.
Having been criticised often and heavily for her “seductive” outfits, Baitoey has been appearing in “proper” outfits that are more about glamour than skin, and she’s earning compliments on the social media – and from the relieved elderly segment of the population. 
Commenting on the dress she wore while signing the get-well book for His Majesty the King at Siriraj Hospital on behalf of her music label, she said she’d “received a lot of praise”. “Baitoey can also be pretty even without wearing a short outfit,” was a typical reaction online.
“Seriously, I never thought I would wear something like that, let alone that I’d look pretty in it too,” she giggled. So she started mulling a wardrobe “regime change”. “I did tell the phu yai [her management] that I wanted to revolutionise my look while remaining fashionable.” And the rationale for going conservative was admirable, if quirky. “I don’t want to be part of the blame for the rising number of rape cases, so I told my company I’d change my look for the next album.” 
She believes her fans will love her regardless of how she dresses. “I will be as fun as always onstage, but my outfit will be altered a bit.” 
We shall soon see. Baitoey revealed that she’s set to record a song featuring a National Artist who can’t be named just yet. “It will be like a rap song, and I’m sure the fans will dance ’til they drop.”
Buakaw seeing double
Here’s a quick update to the Buakaw Banchamek Controversies List for anyone who’s not actually at ringside and is struggling to keep score. 
Surely you’ve read that the K-1-class muay thai champ walked away from a still-unfinished under-70kg title fight in Pattaya. 
But you had to look beyond the sports pages (flipping specifically to the gossip columns like this one) to know about his back-and-forth scuffle with Sunnannika “Nampetch” Kritsanasuwan, who was second runner-up in this year’s Miss Thailand Universe contest and then stripped of the sash for posting rude photos online. 
Buakaw insisted she was “just a friend” and a member of his Banchamek Gym, but Nampetch posted loud and rather convincing hints that they were a lot more than mere coach-client sparring partners.
Now we’ve got more nastiness online in the form of a fake Facebook page. Someone calling himself “Buakaw Banchamek” and claiming to be the actual boxer tried to get personal with a woman. She didn’t buy the scam, fortunately, and Buakaw’s official “Banchamek Gym” page issued a warning yesterday that any page containing “Buakaw” in the title is a fake. “I’d like to beg all fans to be very careful as there are a number of fake ‘Buakaw’ pages both in Thai and English,” the genuine page’s administrator said. 
“There is no other place you will learn about Buakaw and his activities apart from this page. Buakaw is not on Facebook himself – we take care of this page for him. As for Instagram, Buakaw does manage his own account with the username ‘Buakaw1’.”