Criticise grouchy Matt Peranee at your peril

Art July 17, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Celebrities routinely use the social media to burnish their shiny-clean images - Thai-Norwegian actress Peranee "Matt" Kongthai not so much.

Celebrities routinely use the social media to burnish their shiny-clean images – Thai-Norwegian actress Peranee “Matt” Kongthai not so much. The star of the popular Channel 3 series “Rak Nee Je Jad Hai” caught sight of the gossip going around about her – that she’s snobbish and throws tantrums with production staff – and decided to tell everyone it’s not gossip. The denial-of-denial tweet went out from @mattperanee: It’s true (and so what?).

“I accept the criticism that circulated on Pantip,” she said, referring to the community chat site, “but can someone please also circulate my words that I was moody and snobbish because I keep meeting fans who misbehave?” Evidently some of Matt’s “fans” are a little rough. She says they yank on her arms, tug at her clothes, talk rudely and take pictures of her when she’s eating. “If someone walks over to you and politely asks to take photo, would anyone refuse or be rude to them?” she poked her critics rhetorically.

And, as for those tantrums on the set, the actress said she only goes after the technicians who aren’t “professional enough”. “If you’ve done your work right, there’s nothing left for me to be cranky about.”

Mind you, not everything that’s said about Matt is true, she insists. Some of the rumours are utterly groundless. “To those who like to ‘create a story’, please go ahead and just keep making it more exciting. Maybe in the future you can join us as a scriptwriter.”

Suspecting she might have shot her career in the foot with these frank tweets, Matt said she’s prepared for the worse outcome, but she doesn’t see the point of trying to make everyone understand her. “I don’t ask for anything, but I think time will prove me right. In the meantime I’ll try to be friendlier.”

Someone try and give her a hug.

Child-labour issue

The ever-rising demand for glimpses of rich and famous people has again fuelled concerns that Thailand might conceivably run out of celebrities at some point soon. There simply aren’t enough stars to go around. Thankfully nature is on their side and keeps giving them babies.

You see, if someone famous is booked for a public appearance these days and their kids can go along with them, that’s two paycheques. A recent GMM TV survey of celebrity-offspring incomes found that Nada, the four-year-old daughter of actress Suvanan “Kob” Punnakan, is the highest paid at marketing events. She’s been showing up at promotional gigs for almost two years and gets Bt120,000 every single time!

Another child star is Paula Taylor Buttery’s daughter Lyla, who’s appeared in several TV commercials as well as doing public events. She won’t even get out of bed, though, unless there’s Bt50,000 to Bt70,000 on the table. The third highest-paid is Ellie, the daughter of Amarin “Aum” Nitipon. They give her Bt50,000 to Bt60,000 to get witty and chatty. And Nong Khun and Nong Jun, the sons of Theeradej and Busakorn Wongpuapan, will need Bt30,000 to Bt60,000 each to say “hi” at your marketing event. Rounding out the top five is Leeya, daughter of Sanchai and Thanyares Namnarong, and she gets Bt30,000 to Bt50,000 per event.

How much money did you say your toddler be earning this year?