Cannes getting used to us

Art May 10, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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Araya "Chompoo" Hargate will become first Thai celebrity to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival next week.

Yes, director Apichatpong Weerasethakul has been there and won the bloody Palme d’Or, and actor Vithaya Parnsingam is there this year with his movie “Only God Forgives”, but they’re, you know, guys, not a glamour-puss like Chompoo.

And Chompoo don’t need no stinkin’ movie to get on the red carpet, neither. She’ll be there because she flogs l’Oreal cosmetics, and l’Oreal is one of the festival’s corporate sponsors, trumpeting the fact by parading its presenters from around the world down said red carpet.

Chompoo gets points for a measure of modesty, though. “Let me clarify this – I’m no more special than any other actor,” she said. But it is kind of special that this is the first time l’Oreal is flying its Thai presenter to Cannes, for which Chompoo credited l’Oreal Thailand.

“We don’t get many chances like this in a lifetime,” she said before buckling down to some “homework” – getting four or five dresses designed, measured and sewn. She’ll fly home after the festival, but then it’s right back to France for another commercial gig, with Cherman “Ploy” Boonyasak.

One of these days she might even make a movie.

Love in public

One of the sweetest moments in the recent all-star 6.12.13 concert came when Myria “Nat” Benedetti was onstage and leaned into the crowd. Her boyfriend, actor Atichat “Aum” Chumnanon, happened to be right there and gave Nat a smooch that took her completely by surprise. The kiss went straight onto the big screen and the audience went nuts.

“She wasn’t prepared for it and neither was I,” Aum told reporters after. “What would you expect me to do – kick her?”

Sounds like a wedding might be coming up, but meanwhile Aum’s taking Nat on holiday to the Maldives, “kind of a group thing, not a romantic trip, but it is a way to show I care and support her work”.