Burglars' union to sue Pancake

Art February 02, 2013 00:00

By The Nation
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The retail industry's "queen of the celebrity presenters", actress Khemanit "Pancake" Jamikorn, also apparently wears a drama queen's crown.

It was (sort of) big news when one of her houses was burglarised, but yesterday Pancake, her mum Nuananong and some cops called a press conference to announce that, hey, you know what? There was no burglary. The items believed stolen – a Rolex watch and diamond earrings – were simply misplaced and now they’re found again. 

It was all a misunderstanding, Nuananong said. “I don’t want to go into details about whether there were any footprints or not.” Word had gone around that there were footprints on the toilet seat. Whose those might be, if indeed there were any, remains a mystery, but no apology was forthcoming for Bangkok’s unjustly accused thieves. 
The less the family said, of course, the more the social media were forced to speculate. There’d been a lot of impolite giggling online because Pancake hawks a home security system but evidently doesn’t actually use one at her home. Now the chatter switched to the fact that Pancake didn’t display the rediscovered watch and earrings at the press conference. It’s anyone’s guess.
Other leg pulled
You can’t believe what celebrities say anyway, like the couples who break up and then reunite. Pakorn “Dome” Lum and Jiratanin “Guzjung” Pitakporntrakul did that. Now Mario Mauer says he no longer has time for his long-time girlfriend Sumonthip “Gubgib” Leungthai and their relationship “isn’t the same”. 
“I can’t exactly call it a break-up. I think it’s more correct to say we’re no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. But we still feel good about each other.” 
Gubgib confirmed they have less time together, “but the good feelings still remain, regardless of what we call each other. We still keep in touch.” In fact, the actress said it would be impossible to replace Mario and “time will tell if we get together again or not”. 
Whadya think? Bit of a scam to promote Gubgib’s forthcoming autobiography, “Diary Bantuek Cheewit”?