Clothes that are good enough to eat

Art November 01, 2012 00:00

By Kupluthai Pungkanon
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Pleats Please by Issey Mikaye launches its 'Delicious' concept

The aim of photographing food and uploading the images to social networks is to make those who view the pictures say “Wow! That looks delicious”.

But such a sentiment need not only to apply to what we can eat. Designer Issey Miyake has chosen to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his Pleats Please label by presenting it as a visual experience on the theme “Delicious – I want to wear it”.

At the launch of the latest collection last week at Pleats Please boutique on the second floor of Siam Discovery, Praewa Phongsathorn, the brand’s senior brand manager in Thailand, explained that the “delicious” visual concept was created by Taku Satoh, an award-winning graphic designer whose work ranges from Lotte Gum to the television programme “Nihongo de Asobo (Let’s Play’).

“When he was planning the visuals for this year celebration, he came up with the word ‘delicious’ and felt the word was evocative. Anything that looks visually tempting and exciting, we think of as 'delicious'. So with clothes, you feel a certain, 'wow that looks delicious, I want to wear it!,” she says.

The fun and original visuals of the Pleats Please brand will appear throughout the year. Themes include “pancake” and “toast”, “Matcha Green tea ice cream”, “Salmon”, “Moji”, and “Red wine”.

The latest collection involves French patisserie and the designs are rolled into croissants, donuts topped with chocolate and cherry sauce, as well as fruit tarts topped with snow icing.

The fabrics are colourful and sweet with two shades on pink - Japanese Sakura and pink raspberry - placed on top of white – looking every bit as delicious as whipped cream on topped of a breakfast pancake.

“Pleats” was introduced to the Issey Miyake collection in 1989, and has been developed every season thereafter. By 1993, it was ready to be launched as a complete and stand-alone brand and appeared as “Pleats Please Issey Miyake” for the Spring-Summer collection. It was brought to the Thai market in 2008 by Club21 Thailand.

This is a line that is positioned to embody one of the most fundamental concepts of Issey Miyake, where the true value of design lies in its integration into the everyday life and comfort of the wearer.

This is clearly demonstrated in the development and evolution of traditional techniques of processing and of pleating material into a highly functional modern product - light in weight and easy to wear and handle. This revolutionary concept has won the respect and admiration of women throughout the world and contributed to the growth of an iconic brand.

Pleats Please clothes come in simple shapes in a wide variety of colours and prints. They are light, wrinkle-free, and travel well. They can be machine-washed and do not require ironing. Storing them is as simple as rolling them up. Their functionality and practicality have significantly changed the lifestyles of modern women.

“Some people feel that the clothes are difficult to wear and make you look fat. That’s not true at all, Anyone can have fun wearing the clothes. Mother and daughter can also join in this mix and match and look classic and modern,” says Praewa. “Pleats Please is season less. Additionally, Miyake has developed the original material through continuous research and using the latest technology, and established his original pleating technique, by which pleats are applied after the fabric is cut and sewn. It is all about mathematics.”

Praewa who has been working for the brand for five years, says she’s very impress by Miyake’s meticulous working style. “Everything is ordered, neat and of high quality. For me this style of working is really inspiring and can be applied to all aspect of life,” she says.

In a book celebrating the 20 years of the brand, Miyake writes that he wants to make clothes that are as universal as t-shirts and jeans.