Film role? O will drink to that

Art October 05, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Actor-TV host Warut "O" Woratham - suspended for two years from his main job at TV Thunder after his drinking started affecting his work - is getting another shot at success.


Director Poj Anon has cast him as a katoey in “Hor Taew Taek Mwak Mwak”, the latest episode in his endless “Hor Taew Taek” crossdressing-movie franchise. 
“I can act gay and speak in the northern dialect,” says O. “It is kind of Phi Poj to give me some work.”
He can act like a katoey, but the wig and bra sure are irritating. “You can see for yourself how serious I am about the job!”
O will also appear in a sitcom on Channel 3, but TV Thunder has yet to summon him back. He says he’s maintained a relationship with the studio but still has to prove that he’s kicked the booze – or at least the heavy drinking. 
No, he hasn’t quit drinking, and he’s not going to try and lie about it. But he says he drinks less and it’s under control. “I’m not an alcoholic. I just drink for fun.”
Voice growls
“The Voice” has earned lots of fans in Thailand, but there has been controversy. One of the “amateur” contestants last Sunday turned out to be professional singer Sumeth Ongart of the duo Sumeth and the Pang, who released several albums on GMM Grammy. 
The social network, which bought some of those albums, went nuts when Sumeth was waved through to the next round. Evidently none of the coaches had heard of him. 
How did a pro get on the show in the first place? Actually, it’s not against the rules, which only bar contestants if they have a record deal. And Sumeth’s contract with GMM Grammy had lapsed. That’s how seasoned singers Javier Colon and Tony Lucca got on “The Voice” in the US. 
Of course, professional experience doesn’t guarantee success on the show. Sumeth still has a fight ahead of him – the other contenders are no pushovers.