Never enough for sex addicts

Art March 10, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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To see British director Steve McQueen's steamy "Shame" in Thai cinemas, you have to be 20 and have the ID to prove it.

This much we know. What’s in dispute is whether our censors made a few snips despite it already being rated. 

Distributor M Pictures adamantly tells Soopsip that “Shame” has not been censored for its run at the Lido in Siam Square. Folks online beg to differ, and have naughtily posted screen captures of alleged scenes that aren’t being shown here. A viewer also points out that the film’s sex scenes are awfully brief for a story about a sex addict.
Okay, but still, aren’t they being a little greedy when the movie does feature a view of Michael fassbender’s dangling junk and a full-frontal by Carey Mulligan?
Where’s Buakaw?
K-1 boxing champion and national tourist attraction Buakaw Por Pramuk has been missing since March 1, his training camp says.
He was last seen driving his new BMW from the camp in Chacheongsao with little more than the shirt on his back (and baggy shorts), and he isn’t at home either.
Buakaw has had no problem with the camp, says its owner, Theerapat Rojanatan. “He’s been with us since he was seven [he’s 29 now] and he gets paid in cash after every flight.” 
Because he’s vanished, Buakaw has missed the opportunity to join Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on her official trip to Japan, where he’s very popular, not to mention fights this month in France and England. He’s next scheduled to compete in Pattaya on April 17. 
Fans are debating the mystery on the boxing website, with many dismissing his disappearance as just a temporary glitch.
Buakaw, they say, is not irresponsible. “There is no such thing as a lazy Buakaw,” says one.
But others insist that something must have happened to drive Buakaw into hiding. 
Either way, by unanimous consensus, everyone hopes he’s safe and will be back soon, preferably in the ring.