Yeoh, Yeoh, the lady's up for rap

Art February 07, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Michelle Yeoh isn't so much "The Lady" to hip-hop performer Chamras "Day Thaitanium" Tassanalawad as a sister.


That’s he described her when they appeared together on Modernine’s “Woodytalk” on Sunday.
Way had a role in the movie in which Yeoh portrays Aung San Suu Kyi. He auditioned without knowing what the story was or that acclaimed French director Luc Besson was in charge.
“I thought he looked familiar,” Day said.
“You didn’t know!?” Yeoh gaped.
And now a lesson for you kids thinking of getting a tattoo: Way had to be on the set an hour before everyone else – at 3am – because the makeup people had to cover up the inkwork on his right arm. 
Early rising left Day snoozing between takes, and on at least one occasion it was Yeoh who had to wake him up. She asked him why he was so sleepy and he explained that his trio had a gig the night before. Yeoh had been apprised about Thaitanium. 
Putting two and two together and hoping for a 10, host Woody Milintajinda asked whether Yeoh might show up soon in a thaitanium music video. 
What could Michelle say? “Why not!” 
Way jumped in fast. “It would only take a day!”
Word up – Yeoh be rappin!
Who’s the phi?
Chulalongkorn university’s Communication Arts faculty churned out both Taksaorn “Aff” paksukcharern and Panisara “Opal” Pimpru, but there’s something that sets the actresses apart. 
Opal wanted to set the record straight when she introduced Aff onstage at the faculty’s “SixSeed” reunion on Saturday. “She’s the one I yield to when it comes to beauty,” Opal said, and then referred to “Phi Aff”. It was very funny and very confusing at the same time – Aff is older than Opal? 
“Yes! You guys think I’m older than she is, but come on – she’s two years older!” (And yet better looking, Opal seemed to say.) But she took the “blame” for the confusion.
“Okay, it’s my fault that I look older!”