SUV catches fire in Trang’s blazing sun

Around Thailand April 23, 2019 19:06

By The Thaiger

An SUV caught fire while parked in the hot southern sun in Trang over the weekend.

Firefighters were notified of a burning vehicle in Yan Ta Khao district at 2pm on Sunday.

They arrived to find the SUV ablaze and took about 15 minutes to control the fire.

The SUV’s owner, 35-year-old Tanchanok Sasri, said the vehicle had been parked outside her home for about two hours under the hot midday sun. 

A neighbour alerted the woman that her SUV had caught fire.

Tanchanok said she had also lost Bt200,000 cash, which had been left inside the SUV.

Investigators are trying to find the cause of the original ignition of the fire that destroyed the black SUV.


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