Police quiz lunchbox-scam victims

Around Thailand November 07, 2018 16:29

By Mongkolchaowarat Thangmangmee,
Boonpim Baiya
The Nation

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Police on Wednesday investigated a case in which an Uttaradit woman was allegedly duped into filling 10,000 styrofoam lunchboxes, which were rejected by the customer on Monday. 

And another alleged victim, a Phitsanulok woman, said the same firm lured her into investing Bt120,000 to do the same thing. 

She said the pack lunches were given away or thrown into a river and not used by a factory, as claimed. 

The Phitsanulok-based factory denied to police on Wednesday that it hired the people in Uttaradit to supply lunches.

Police are investigating alleged fraud and called for more victims to come forward.

Former salon owner Ampaporn Donkhampai said she befriended by a frequent customer, an apparently rich businesswoman in her early 30s from Uttaradit, and kept the contact after her salon folded. 

Ampaporn joined the business with the alleged fraudster who claimed to have a concession to supply 10,000 lunches per day to an Uttaradit factory and paid a Bt20,000 fee for the contact and Bt100,000 to buy equipment from the alleged fraudster. 

At first, Ampaporn covered her share of 200 filled lunchboxes by spending Bt5,000 a day to get Bt7,000-Bt9,000 a day. But then she found out that the lunchboxes were given to other villagers or thrown in a river. 

Realising she was being tricked, Ampaporn withdrew her services despite another offer that she had an even bigger contract to fill 10,000 lunchboxes for Ampaporn if she paid a Bt200,000 fee. 

Ampaporn said she only managed to get back the Bt20,000 fee before moving back to Phitsanulok. Yesterday (Tuesday) she read about the other alleged victim and realised there was another case.

The police visited alleged victim Thanisorn Kuikaew in Uttaradit's Muang district today. 

They said it was alleged that the Thai businesswoman, based in Uttaradit's Pichai district, asked her to fill lunchboxes and supply drinking water to the factory in Phitsanulok province. 

According to the five-year contract for which she paid Bt106,000 in fees and bottling, Thanisorn said from November 3, she was hired to fill 10,000 lunchboxes per day during weekdays, supply 10,000 bottles of water on Saturday and Sunday and 30,000 boiled eggs per day on weekdays. 

Thanisorn said she also invested Bt764,000 to buy cooking tools, ingredients and bottling equipment, while also hiring several others to cook. 

On the first day, the company returned the water, claiming it was substandard and telling Thanisorn to redo the whole batch, she said. 

The meals were left at her home as the hirer did not come collect them and refuses to pay, she added.

Deputy provincial chief Pol Colonel Khiri Kiatisarn visited Thanisorn's house said the hirer would be called in for questioning. 

He urged people to contact the victims to buy the meals to reduce the victims' losses.

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