• Photo from “Krawai Dekchai Sun” Facebook page
  • Photo from “Beekung Pasoknikorn Rassadorn Phang Nga” Facebook page.

Your pet is waiting for you in Phang Nga

Around Thailand August 24, 2018 13:06

By The Nation

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Kind-hearted folks in Muang Phang Nga have been cautiously feeding a rain-soaked lost dog for a week, believing it may have fallen off its owner’s pickup truck and was waiting for him to return.

The white dog appeared to be weakening on its adopted turf in the centre island of a road near the Wang Mor Kaeng intersection.

Facebook user “Krawai Dekchai Sun” first reported the pooch’s predicament on August 18, and more recently “Beekung Pasoknikorn Rassadorn Phang Nga” said it appeared weak but still wouldn’t allow anyone to touch it.

Beekung said several residents had said they’d adopt the dog – but no one’s been able to grab it.

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