Ma Jianli, a pediatrician
Ma Jianli, a pediatrician

Doctors, tourist save drowning child in Pattaya

Around Thailand August 03, 2018 15:26

By The China Daily
Asia News Network

Two doctors and a tourist from the northwestern city of Lanzhou successfully saved a drowning child at a hotel in Thailand.

On Tuesday night, when Ma Jianli, a pediatrician with the Second People's Hospital of Lanzhou of Northwest China's Gansu province, and Sun Yingzi, a nurse from the hospital, were enjoying their vocational visit to a hotel near Pattaya, a tourist resort in Thailand, they suddenly heard a cry for help.

It turned out that a child had sunk to the bottom of a swimming pool.

A tourist surnamed Yang, also from Lanzhou, quickly leapt into the pool to pull the child out. But the girl, whose face had turned purple, had no pulse and wasn't breathing, leading Ma and Sun to immediately respond with emergency treatment. Ma conducted chest compressions on the girl and Sun gave her mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.

After more than 10 minutes of rescue efforts, the child's breathing and heartbeat returned, and her face became red again. The rescued girl, who was later taken to a hospital by local paramedics, is reportedly a 7-year-old Chinese girl and her life is out of danger now.

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