Alleged amulet thief handed over to police after being detained by robbery victim

Around Thailand May 16, 2018 17:10

By The Thaiger

A 47-year-old man, Jiradet Kongkaew, was arrested and 29 famous amulets, including ‘Luang Por Chaem’, seized from Pattalung at a house in Srisoonthorn, in Phuket province, on Wednesday.

He was taken to the Cherng Talay Police Station where he was charged with theft.

An amulet is an object that is typically worn, that some people believe has magical or miraculous powers to protect its holder or bring them good fortune.

The arrest comes after police were notified that two thieves had broken into the house of Somchai Chaosuan, 46. When police arrived at the house, Jiradet had already been caught and detained by Somchai.

Somchai told police there were two thieves. He stopped Jiradet while they were trying to speed away on a motorbike. He was able to apprehend Jiradet but the other thief escaped.

Jiradet reportedly admitted to police that he and another man named “Nueng” had broken into the house and stolen the amulets.

A police hunt is on for absconding accomplice.


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