Chinese tourist falls from Kamala roof top

Around Thailand February 23, 2018 18:40

By Phuket Gazette

A Chinese man was found to have fallen to his death fro.

The man was staying at a villa with six other people including his wife and friends. On Wednesday night, at around 11pm, all 6 were drinking together on the rooftop until 1.40 am. Other people went to sleep but he told his friends that he would smoke on the rooftop before going to bed.

The next morning (Thursday), his wife woke up and couldn’t find him in the room so she called other friends to look around. They found him dead on the ground outside, below the area of the rooftop where they had been drinking. The autopsy shows that he had died for at least 8 hours before they found his body.

On the rooftop, police found an empty bottle of liquor, his phone, power bank, and his shoes placed neatly below the edge of the deck where his body was found beneath. Police have been gathering further evidence and talking to his friend as well as his wife.