Ubon Ratchathani man arrested for allegedly selling drug to teens

Around Thailand February 13, 2018 15:15

By The Nation

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Police arrested a man on Tuesday in Ubon Ratchathani’s Muang district for allegedly selling methamphetamine pills to teenagers, some of whom reportedly traded firearms and grenades for the drugs.

Sakda Khamdaeng, 29, was arrested at his rented room in an apartment building at 12.30pm.

Police also seized 200 methamphetamine pills, an M26 grenade and four rounds of ammunition that were found in the room.

Sakda was arrested after he left his apartment to deliver drugs to undercover police. When he learned that the buyer was a police officer, he returned to his room and locked the door, but police used a spare key to open it and arrested him.

They conducted the arrest after learning that Sakda had allegedly been selling drugs to teenagers in the neighbourhood.

Sakda admitted that he had ordered batches of 2,000 pills from an unidentified distributor via the Line application. He said he did not know the real name of the seller.

He allegedly resold the drugs to local teenagers, some of whom paid with grenades and guns, which he sold on Facebook.

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