Phuket tourist trouble caught on Facebook video

Around Thailand January 03, 2018 18:08

By Thai Visa

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A video was posted on a popular Phuket Facebook page that showed an altercation between a female tourist and several other people outside a Fuji Japanese restaurant in Phuket.

The video shows a woman seemingly of eastern European origin arguing with security as a crowd of shoppers gather. Amid claims that the tourist is drunk, the poster of the footage shouts that she hates people “from this country” who eat and don’t pay, then even threaten others.

The tourist makes further threats and aims punches as restaurant staff are exhorted not to let her get away.

Before a security woman says police are on their way, the tourist is called a prostitute using the foulest Thai language.

The footage was shared on a fan page for incidents in Phuket by “Kanittha Messa Jaojankaew”, who wrote that these tourists were “disgusting and worth a good kicking”. 

She claimed that they had been in a Fuji restaurant where the bill had come to Bt3,200, but they had allegedly refused to pay and were drunk and abusive. Eventually, Bt3,000 was paid by a male in the party, it was claimed.

The poster apologised for her language in the clip but some people commenting on the video said they would not have been so restrained if it were them. There was no report of the outcome of the incident or where the tourists came from.


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