Abbot grants scholarship to disabled calligraphy prodigy

Around Thailand November 15, 2017 14:48

By Boonpim Baiya
The Nation

The abbot of Wat Phra Thaen Si La At in Uttaradit’s Laplae district has granted a scholarship of Bt5,000 a year for a disabled schoolgirl who recently won a prize writing with her foot in a national-level Thai writing and calligraphy contest. The scholarship is valid until Thikhamporn Mendoza, 17, graduates from Mathayom 6.

The ceremony, in which abbot Phra Winai Sathorn granted Thikhamporn the scholarship and gave the Mathayom 3 student stationery and learning materials, was held on Wednesday at Laplae Sriwittaya School.

The scholarship followed news reports that Thikhamporn, who uses her right foot to write gracefully in both Thai and English, had won the calligraphy prize as well as and obtained good grades every semester.

The reports also detailed how Thikhamporn spent her free time earning money to help cover her half-Thai, half-Filipino father’s medical expenses related to oral cancer.

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