Photo from: Watchdog Thailand's Facebook fanpage
Photo from: Watchdog Thailand's Facebook fanpage

Dog escapes slaughter for meat in Chachoengsao

Around Thailand November 10, 2017 13:57

By The Nation

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A dog struggled and escaped after being tied up to be slaughtered for meat and ran to a good Samaritan in Chachoengsao's Ban Pho district.

The incident was reported by Watchdog Thailand in a Facebook post on Friday.

Watchdog Thailand write that a local resident was feeding stray dogs lying on the ground near a concrete piles factory in Tambon Saen Phudas when a dog ran crying to her.

The dog's neck was tied with a sling that was attached to an iron bar that the dog had managed to pull out of the ground.

She checked the area and found leftover parts of a slain dog in a plastic bag and evidence of a fire that had apparently been lit to cook dog meat.

The woman alerted the Watchdog Thailand, which in turn alerted the Saen Phudas police station to investigate.

Police suspect a group of migrant workers that set up a camp nearby might have killed a stray dog for its meat and tied up the other dog to kill later.