Photo: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo: Tourism Authority of Thailand

‘Little Chiang mai’ guidebook launched in English

Travel log April 17, 2018 09:27

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched its Little Chiang mai guidebook in English, bringing together the city’s independent bookshops, little-known restaurants and museums, as well as the province’s stunning bicycle and running routes in a set of five designer pocketbooks for readers to use or collect.

The book set combines Chiang Mai’s culture, gastronomy and art in a way that brings the city to life in a new light, targeting young and active travellers looking to discover its hidden gems along running or cycling routes.

He noted that it is unique both in form and content and consists of five individual sections: ‘Ride’, ‘Run’, ‘Restaurants’, ‘Gallery Museum’ and ‘Bookshops’.

According to the Rabbithood Studio, the Chiang Mai-based studio and design lab commissioned to create the guidebook, the initial brief from TAT was to create a map of Chiang Mai’s bookshops, restaurants and museums that bring together the city’s local establishments with bicycle and running routes in Chiang Mai as an added bonus.

What differentiates Little Chiang mai from most guidebooks is that each section has a character that is relatable to its content, which is divided into five individual pocketbooks distributed within the one package.

In addition to the design, another important element is the way it views reading as an experience. The design team intended Little Chiang mai to have a bit of everything that people cannot get online; each of the five books comes in different sizes and uses different types of paper for the printing and binding techniques. For example, the design of the page layout of the Gallery/Museum pocketbook uses a die-cut technique creating a presentation that looks similar to how a painting is framed and exhibited in an art gallery.

Little Chiang mai  is priced at Bt1,500 and can be purchased at the Tourism Authority of Thailand. For more details, call +66 2250 5500 Ext. 2116-2119.