Loei mountain to become an ‘Eiffel Tower’

Tourism October 05, 2018 11:26

By The Nation

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Mount Phu Bo Bit, which is three kilometres from downtown Loei but affords excellent views of the urban centre, is expected to draw far more tourists after it’s developed as a natural “Eiffel Tower”.

The province’s governor, Chaiwat Chuenkosum, said this week that Bt18 million would be spent on the project.

The Loei Public Works Office will build a stairway to the hilltop, replacing a natural trail that’s somewhat difficult to climb, and a walkway around the summit.

The stairway will be easy to ascend for people of all ages, with rest stops along the way and good illumination, Chaiwat said.

At the well-lighted top the peak, tourists will be able to enjoy 360-degree panoramic views, even after dark.

Sompong Pholpattanakul, the head of public works, said Phu Bo Bit is relatively small – rising to about 460 metres above sea level but in fact only 200 metres high – so it could be developed without the need for a huge budget.

He said the stairway would be about 667 metres long.