Indonesian tourism minister wants to learn from Thailand

Tourism October 02, 2017 01:00


DURING A meeting with Indonesia’s ambassador to Thailand Ahmad Rusdi, Indonesia’s tourism minister, Arief Yahya, asked that the Indonesian embassy in Thailand research how Thailand manages its tourism.

“[Learn to] understand the greatness of Thailand in handling security, culinary, street food and homestay,” Arief said at the Embassy in Bangkok on September 28.

Arief mentioned that the culinary and street food of Thailand is very famous in the world, there’s always a Thailand restaurant in every country in the world – and it’s always crowded with visitors. Thailand offers dishes that are suitable for Asian, European, Australian and American tastebuds.

“We have to learn from the success of Thailand because we’ve set them as our professional enemy,” added Arief.

‘We are willing to learn’

Arief also encouraged the Indonesian diaspora and the Embassy staff to learn about security in Thailand after hearing two of his friends talking about how good is the service and safety in that country.

“Please study this, we are willing to learn,” he said, referring people to an assistant deputy in charge of tourism promotion.

President Joko Widodo has set tourism as one of the nation’s |economic cores. For the past three years tourism has been the lead-|ing sector and in 2018 it will be one of the three main prioritised in-|dustries alongside agriculture and fisheries. “We will gladly help, last year Thailand welcomed 32 million overseas tourists,” replied Ambassador Ahmad.

According to The Telegraph, Indonesia is included in the “Top 20 Fastest Growing Travel Destinations in the World”.

The growth rate of overseas tourists in Indonesia is close to 24 per cent, much higher than the 6 per cent overall growth rates for Asean and the world.

At the end of the discussion, Arief requested the formation of a special team who would learn about the Thailand tourism industry.