Fuji Xerox revamps monochrome high-speed production printer lineup with new B9 series

Tech July 28, 2018 16:38

By The Nation

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Fuji Xerox(Thailand) Co., Ltd. has announced the expansion of its monochrome high-speed production printer line-up, with the launch of the B9136, B9125, B9110, and B9100 Copier/Printers (hereafter, the B9 series). 

This launch comes as a response to the growing and diverse monochrome printing needs in the office, graphic arts and critical printing operations market segments, Fuji Xerox said in a press statement.

While executing critical jobs that require massive amounts of data to be printed within a short period, printers need to operate reliably and yield high productivity. Looking at the current printing industry, Fuji Xerox noted that, despite the expansive use of color printing, the demand for monochrome printing is still strong — especially among producers of manuals, statements, books and comics. In order to help the customers meet their evolving needs, Fuji Xerox has revamped its current monochrome high-speed production printer line-up with the new B9 series – on-demand printers that can handle large amounts in a short period, the press statement added.

"Building on the success of its predecessor, which enjoyed long-term consumer trust and top market share for five consecutive years, the newly launched B9 series offers noteworthy enhancements in productivity, reliability, and durability," said Rojanun Chollampe, Head of Marketing, Fuji Xerox(Thailand) Co., Ltd. "We expect to see strong adoption of this series in Thailand as this market is witnessing robust growth in the key segments for which these printers are designed."

For both single-sided and duplex printing, the B9 series can achieve continuous printing speeds of up to 136 pages per minute (ppm).This high level of productivity is enabled by pairing Fuji Xerox's very own EA-Eco LGK toner, which has an excellent low-temperature fusing capability, with the B9 series' ability to administer a stable supply of heat in order to apply the toner efficiently onto the paper — even when printing at high speeds.

The paper transport system is designed with no sharp curves to ensure smooth paper motion and also a vertically placed paper inversion mechanism for duplex printing so that paper can be sent through at high speeds while minimizing paper jams.

In order to achieve high resolution printouts of 2,400 x 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) while printing at quick speeds, a VCSEL is used as the light source for the ROS – which functions just like the heart of the printer.

Using tiny granules measuring 6.5 μm, the EA-Eco LGK toner enables an elegant reproduction of gradations in photos and images, consistent halftones and clear printing of small letters.

The B9 series also offers a selection of various, different screen settings to ensure high quality printing each time. This includes the Stochastic (or FM) Screen which efficiently aids in moiré reduction, the new Edge Enhancement for fixing jagged edges of thin lines/text outlines, and the Adjust Invert Text/Line Weight setting, which helps improve the visibility of text and lines.

With a proven track record amongst production colour printers, Fuji Xerox's in-house developed controller, the GX Print Server, is now also being utilized in monochrome production printers for the first time ever. The GX Print Server, combined with the improvements made to the product's hardware, delivers high-quality images and high raster image processing (RIP) speeds of 600 x 600 dpi at eight bit (256 graduation levels). Fuji Xerox's original HQ Digital Screen Technology (MACS) then also helps create a high-definition, smooth screen image of 2,400 x 2,400 dpi. These data processing technologies all work in tandem to help deliver top quality printing results.

The B9 series supports the JDF standards of the printing industry and by connecting the printer with the integrated workflow system for printing operations, it enables the development of a hybrid workflow that utilises both offset printers and digital printers cohesively.