KBank puts its weight behind call for talent

Tech July 21, 2018 01:05

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation Weekend

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KASIKORN Business Technology Group (KBTG) has launched an initiative to help boost the ranks of digital talent in the country. TechJam 2018 by KBTG is described as promoting a “new era of tech competition” to drive forward the development of technology and innovation in Thailand.


It offers participants the chance to win a share of more than Bt2 million prizes and a trip to Silicon Valley in the US.

Somkid Jiranuntarat, chairman of Kasikorn Business Technology Group, said that TechJam is designed to inspire learning and raise standards across the three key areas: coding, data science and creative problem solving and design. The competition is aimed at energising the skill areas that are seen as vital to the future development of Thailand and which will allow the country to compete in the new world of the digital economy.

"KBank, as Thailand's leading digital bank, realises the necessity of supporting the development of talented technical and design resources not only for our own technological excellence but also to support the future of the country as well,” said Somkid. “TechJam is further evidence of KBank's commitment towards service excellence and continuing to provide the best financial services to our customers.”

Somkid said the main purposes of TechJam 2018 are threefold. It will seek out the top talent in the three areas from across the country and to expand the opportunities for them. They will be exposed to new design and technology concepts, enabling them to participate in a world-class technology competition.

“Second, it will help inspire those workers thinking about entering or switching over to the tech world to do so by joining the competition and learn about the opportunities and experiences along the way,” Somkid said.  “Third, it will introduce the rest of the country to the world of tech and creative innovation, bringing them into the heart and soul of the tomorrow squad – the future of the country.”

KBTG expects at least 3,000 people from all over Thailand to take part in the competition. “Coding is the pillar of all things digital. Data is believed to be the new oil,” Somkid said . “Two of the most valued companies in the world, Google and Facebook, create and sustain their values based purely on data. Technology must be purposeful. Only through creativity and design can empathy and insights be turned into meaningful innovations. Ones that can make life better for the people.

“Technology and design talent are now the major drivers of Thai digital and innovative economy. Under Thailand 4.0 initiative, the value-adding through innovation can only be realised if the country possesses adequate skills and expertise that can turn insights into technology and innovation. 

"KBTG always places significant importance on skills enhancements of key resources. We believe these are vital to the strength of the country relating to software development, data science and design.”

During the regional and national competitions, competitors will be challenged with “tough, but fun, exercises derived from cutting-edge technology, frameworks and best practices” being used in the industry. 

Throughout the three-month period, competitors will also be inspired to learn new skills and experience from the judges, who are experienced practitioners, as well as pick up tips and tricks from them and network with each other. 

"KBTG looks at TechJam as a new way of learning and inspiring our top talent to improve upon themselves to achieve higher standards. Apart from the rewards, all winners are invited to join KBTG and continue to thrive within the company's innovation and highly dynamic environment and culture. In fact, two third of last year's winners are now KBTG family members," said Somkid.

“All winners are also invited to join TechJam's cohort and be recognised as being accepted into a group of proven talent  who we will continue to support through future meet ups, tech events and partnerships.”

Applications will be accepted until August 10. The final round is scheduled for November 3, at KBTG headquarters in Chaeng Watthana, Bangkok.