Netizens set up fan page on Facebook to car pool

Tech April 11, 2018 16:52

By Sin Chew Daily/ANN

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KELANTAN, Malaysia - While tickets for public transport are selling like hot cakes the moment polling date was announced, creative netizens started fan page to car pool so that everyone gets to vote and reduce travelling cost at the same time.

Election Commission of Malaysia has fixed 9 May as polling day for its 14th General Election.Flight tickets are not cheap to fly home on polling day. Netizens launch `car pool to return home for ballot” instead, right after polling date was announced yesterday.The campaign named ` Jom Balik Undi’ (Car pool to return home for ballot) has more than 4,000 netizens joining as members.

The slogan of this fan page is: You are not alone, let’s car pool to return home for ballot!The administrator of the fan page called for every voter, especially those who are working outstation to cast their votes in deciding the fate of the country.“The car pool plan connects those working outstation, reduce travelling costs and to unite those from the same home town to decide on the future of the country.”

Lee Cooper posted his message of intending to return to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore and the idea of car pool would not be too taxing for him financially.“I have four seats. If I manage to fill up all the seats I should be off (from work) on 9 May. I start driving at 10 pm the night before.

“I would be waiting at the Johor checkpoint. Those keen please PM (private message) to discuss.”

Another netizen said election as is near, tickets for all types of public transport are sold out. Various state constituencies should plan how to ferry voters home and send them back to work. Voters from Kelantan who work outside the state are complaining the sudden surge in air ticket prices. The price of air ticket to Kota Bharu was less than RM100 (USD$25.6) in the morning but soared to between RM200 (USD$51.28) and RM300 (USD$76.92) the moment polling date was announced.

Liu De Ming, a voter from Kota Bharu spent RM600 (USD $153.85) for return tickets for two persons. He hoped everyone can return home to cast their ballot. Mo Shun Yi, another voter from Kota Bharu, said a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu on 8 May (one day before polling day) also cost more than RM300 (USD$76.92)