LG Electronics’ Cordzero A9 (LG)
LG Electronics’ Cordzero A9 (LG)

LG’s cordless vacuum beats Dyson on price comparison site

Tech February 05, 2018 09:00

By The Korea Herald/ANN

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SEOUL - LG Electronics beat its rival company Dyson in sales of vacuum cleaners, according to a local e-commerce platform.

LG Electronics’ cordless vacuum cleaner saw boosted sales on an online price comparison website last month, beating its UK rival home appliance maker Dyson.

According to local e-commerce platform Enuri.com, LG Electronics’ cordless vacuum cleaners accounted for 45 percent of sales in the sector in January, about 18 percentage points above Dyson’s 27 percent. 

Until the second quarter of 2017, Dyson topped the list on the price comparison website, accounting for 40 percent of total sales share, more than double LG Electronics’ 15 percent. 

When LG launched the Cordzero A9 vacuum cleaner in July, it rocketed to 39 percent sales share. In the fourth quarter, LG Electronics racked up 46 percent sales share, while Dyson lagged at 29 percent.

“Despite continued popularity of overseas premium brands such as Dyson, local home appliance giants are gaining attention with strengthened product quality and technological prowess, beefing up for the competition with global rivals,” said an official from Enuri.com.

The two rivals, meanwhile, remain locked in a legal dispute.

Dyson Technology filed a provisional injunction against LG Electronics in November with the Seoul Central District Court, claiming the company’s cordless vacuum cleaner is described in a misleading manner and the court should ban TV, print and online advertisements for LG’s Cordzero A9 products.