Nissan and NASA project will transfer tech from space to earth

Tech January 17, 2018 20:00

By The Nation

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Nissan and Nasa have forged further cooperation on autonomous mobility services. 

Nissan North America Inc, the US-based subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co Ltd, announced late last week that it had signed an agreement with the Nasa Ames Research Centre in California's Silicon Valley to collaborate on research and technology development for future autonomous mobility services.

This collaboration will build on the previous success of their already-existing partnership, in the form of Nissan Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM). 

First unveiled at a global stage for innovations last year – CES 2017 – SAM constitutes a new platform for managing fleets of autonomous vehicles. It is developed based on Nasa technology.

The new phase in the joint collaboration between Nissan and Nasa will further develop the technology and test the use of SAM ahead of public implementation.

“Our goal is to deploy SAM to help third-party organisations safely integrate a fleet of autonomous vehicles in unpredictable urban environments,” said Maarten Sierhuis, director of the Nissan Research Centre in Silicon Valley. He sees ride-hailing services, public transportation or logistics and delivery services as key customers segments. 

Eugene Tu, director of Nasa’s Ames centre, said one of Nasa’s strategic goals was to transfer the technology developed for Nasa missions and programme objectives to broader commercial and social applications.