More firms foster IoT for edge 

Tech November 17, 2017 01:00


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THE USE of smarter Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by the Thai corporates to boost their competitive edge is expected to become mainstream in 2020, Anothai Wettayakorn, vice president, Dell EMC Indochina, said yesterday.

He added that the one driving force behind such adoption was their need to improve operating efficiency and productivity in response to the market competition.

IoT refers to everyday physical objects connected to the Internet and able to identify with other devices.

Currently, Thai companies are focusing on using IoT, featuring the use of sensors to collect data in their operations in order to obtain data for analyses.

Anothai believes that in the next two to three years more of them will shift their focus to utilising Artificial Intelligence-based IoT solutions and devices, which will enable their operations to make smart decisions on real time basis.

He added that at present the businesses in the agriculture and logistic sectors had led the way in utilising IoT technology to drive their organisations’ digital transformation.

Some factors in Thailand now also favour the IoT adoption, including the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy, aiming to encourage companies to embrace digital innovations to enhance their competitiveness.

Recently the board of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission resolved to allocate the spectrum band in the 920-925MHz range to facilitate the IoT service.

The upcoming availability of the additional spectrum bandwidth in Thailand will also play a key role in further promoting wireless connection among IoT devices.

Anothai cited the report by Frost & Sullivan that Thailand IoT spending is expected to surge 1,600 per cent to US$973.3 million in 2020 from US$57.7 million in 2014.

On October 10, US IT giant Dell Technologies unveiled its IoT vision and strategy and announced the establishment of its IoT division. It also announced its commitment to invest US$1 billion in new IoT products, solutions, labs, partner programmes and ecosystem over the next three years.

This new division will leverage the strength across all Dell Technologies family of businesses and its partners to help customers deploy integrated IoT systems with greater ease.

“With our commitment to IoT firmly in place, Dell Technologies is strongly positioned to play a key role in helping organisations in Thailand realise their IoT ambitions and shape their digital future in line with the Thailand 4.0 policy,” Anothai said.

Dell EMC (Thailand) has already engaged in providing IoT solutions to many IoT-based public initiatives in Thailand.