Facebook is testing a “hideous” new update. Here’s what you need to know 

Tech September 09, 2017 12:21

By Thaivisa

Facebook has added new colourful backgrounds for comments section, although it isn’t available to all users yet.

Those who can access the feature they can choose between block colour and different gradients. However, the feature is far from appealing with many describing it as “garish” and “hideous” by users.

A screenshot of the “colour comments” was posted on Twitter by Facebook user Evert Groot. He posted: “Colour comments really look hideous on Facebook.”

Depending on if you have access to the new feature, you may not be able to view the comments posted by others in “colour comments”, they will just appear as normal comments on a plain background.

At this stage, it is unknown whether the feature will be rolled out to all users but it does seem likely.

Colourful backgrounds for status updates have been available for users since the end of last and have generally been well received.

As users start to type their new status, a range of colour options are offered and these will automatically pop up.

Colourful comments could quite easily make your News Feed start to look ugly and possibly messy. Some have even said that it could cause headaches!

The introduction of the colour comments is the latest in a number of significant changes Facebook has been making to the design of its news feed.

Earlier this week you may have noticed that your news feed suddenly looked a lot different.

This is because Facebook has introduced some changes that the firms says have been made “in order to make News Feed more conversational and easier to read and navigate.”

Some of the changes, such as changes to typography to make text more legible and increased colour contrast, are subtle.

However, other changes are much more noticeable, including the larger link previews which means you can read text more easily and the larger Like, Comment and Share buttons.

Another change is the introduction of circular profile pictures and newly designed comment section which looks a lot like the interface used on Facebook Messenger.