Senseino designs online courses for busy folk 

Tech August 13, 2017 09:20

By Damisara "Tsuyu" Chutikan

Educational technology just started to penetrate the market a couple of years ago and Vietnam is the only country showing a significant rise in start-ups in related fields. However, most of those companies are still working with offline education. 

Traditional classroom learning has become a less and less appealing alternative for learners with tight schedules, as it requires extra time and effort. Therefore, we see a lot of prospects in pioneering the online education market. 

At Senseino, we provide flexible online courses, which learners can easily adjust to their own schedules and paces. 

Senseino's platform is specifically designed to replicate the enthusiasm that face-to-face, traditional classrooms offer but without the extra work. 

Through video conferencing, learners can interact with their instructors in real time. We have homework and test-taking systems that track and evaluate learners' progress. Videos of classes are also available for those who want to watch them again or miss a class. 

Learners can choose whether to enrol in a group or in one-on-one sessions. Our platform allows learners to access their "classrooms" anywhere, any time through their laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Language options

With the language barrier in Thailand, we decided to launch our selections of language courses first. 

Now, there are nine languages to choose from - Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, English, Russian, Spanish, Burmese and Vietnamese. And we're planning to launch Korean courses in Indonesia before the end of this year. 

It all started from a Facebook group, where we created free online courses. However, when we saw the demand for these enjoyable and convenient online classes with a guaranteed success rate, we decided to develop an official website. 

Within 10 months, the number of learners signed up for the classes rose 1,000 per cent from the first month. 

The number of instructors increased 12 times, and the taught hours increased 20 times. 

We have always strictly overseen our system. 

Our instructors must not only be qualified in the category but also have fun teaching techniques that effectively engage learners while learning. 

Besides that, we also have a Facebook page where we frequently post activities such as a singing contest or learning a language through pop culture. 

Senseino is participating in the dtac accelerate Batch 5 project - the third best entrepreneurship project in Southeast Asia, second only to projects in Singapore and Indonesia. However, we will not stop here. 

Our biggest goal is to allow anyone from anywhere, despite any restrictions, to have access to education through our platform. 

Damisara "Tsuyu" Chutikan is the CEO and co-founder of Senseino, dtac Accelerate batch 5.