Machine learning can benefit all start-ups 

Tech August 13, 2017 09:18


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EVERY STARTUP should pay attention to artificial intelligence and machine learning because the technologies will enable them to take solutions and scale them at a speed they have never had before, according to Roy Glasberg, Google's global lead for Accelerator and AI programmes for start-ups.

At the class four kick-off of Google's Launchpad Accelerator last month, he said the curriculum this year dug deeper into, and put more focus on, machine learning and AI.

Google basically believes that every start-up and solution in the world should enjoy machine learning rather than "next radical things."

"We are looking at how we take our learnings specifically around machine learning, experiment with them and see what makes start-ups successful," he said.

Google believes the industry will be disrupted by AI and ML in the next couple of years, so how |do they make that knowledge available for start-|ups all over the world? he asked.

"So if you are building start-ups in Thailand or Vietnam, or anywhere else right now, I want you to be aware how AI and ML could help with your product development," he emphasised.

Google recently launched a new initiative called the Google Developers Launchpad Studio, a full-service |studio providing tailored technical and product |support to AI and machine learning start-ups, all in one place.

"Hopefully they will enable us in the next two or three years to first learn |the challenges on implementation and then share |that knowledge globally, including Southeast Asia," |he said.