Ookbee launches joint venture with Chinese Internet giant Tencent

Tech January 04, 2017 16:22

By The Nation 

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Ookbee, a digital content platform in Thailand, has received funding from giant Chinese Internet firm Tencent to launch a joint-venture start-up.

Ookbee did not disclose the amount it received but a source said it was a US$19-million (Bt680 million) initial investment.

Natavudh Pungcharoenpong, chief executive officer of Ookbee Company, said the new firm Ookbee U would develop ecosystems so users could create and share content in four key categories – comics, songs and music, ideas and experiences, and literature and novels.

Because people not only consume content from online channels but also want to share content that matches their personal lifestyles, being a co-creator of content ecosystems is the goal of Ookbee U.

Ookbee U is expected to have more than a million user-generated content units within three years.