The most popular products in e-commerce are beauty and baby products. (shutterstock/-)
The most popular products in e-commerce are beauty and baby products. (shutterstock/-)

Most online shoppers buy beauty products and baby supplies: Google

Tech November 18, 2016 15:15

By The Jakarta Post

E-commerce applications on smartphones are the most popular option for Indonesian shoppers to buy beauty products and baby supplies, as shown by a survey from Google Indonesia.

Google reported on Thursday that customers prefer online marketplaces like Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Elevenia and Blibli to browse and buy beauty and baby products. However, there have been no details provided  on the figure.

"Most online shoppers are women and mothers. That is why our highest selling items are [baby and beauty] products," CEO Kusumo Martanto said during a discussion at Google Indonesia headquarters.

Tokopedia CEO William Tanuwijaya confirmed Kusumo's view, adding that there were a lot of baby product vendors on Tokopedia, as well.

Aside from beauty and baby products, most shoppers browse and buy gadgets and accessories, as well as apparel.

In addition, Google shows mobile application platforms are essential for businesses to grow. Google data shows that 71 percent of smartphone users in Indonesia use the application to browse and shop.

"As many as 92 percent of online shoppers said they would buy products if the mobile application helps them find items easily," Google Indonesia industry head Henky Prihatna said.