TrueVisions launches live 3D demonstrate broadcasting, shows 4 broadcasting innovations

Tech July 29, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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TrueVisions has launched live 3D demonstrate broadcasting in Thailand at Thaibex 2013 to showcase new innovations for advanced audio and visuals.

TrueVisions announced that it invested over Bt10 million in the magnificent TrueVisions Pavilion at Thaibex 2010 to showcase the innovations, such as the first Home Solutions – a new technology for more convenience in viewing up to 50HD channels, and TrueVisions Anywhere application.

TrueVisions Group Managing director Anat Mek-paiboonvatana said TrueVisions can showcase technological capacity in providing the innovative viewing experience in Thailand at Thaibex 2013.

 “Thailand is also undergoing broadcasting changes, moving from analog to digital in the next few months. TrueVisions, as a business in this industry, is ready and willing to support the government and the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC),” Anat said.

The new technologies from TrueVisions, who is the pioneer and the leader of broadcasting technology, include:

1)      3D broadcasting

For the first time ever in Thailand, viewers with exiting TrueVisions HD Plus set top box sets can watch 3D programs on TrueVisions through the existing TrueVisions HD Plus box. Viewers will be transported into the world of real-looking 3D content, which TrueVisions has brought to viewers for the first time in Thailand. TrueVisions broadcast 3D content from its station directly to the signal point at Thaibex 2013 so that participants can experience 3D viewing. TrueVisions subscribers will soon be able to access this 3D service sometime this year without additional charges.

2)      Home Gateway Solutions

Home Solutions is the new generation of signal box that TrueVisions has developed to offer convenience and new options to its subscribers. TrueVisions programs can be viewed through the Internet in both SD and HD without the need for a satellite or antenna.

- Multi-devices function that allows viewing through all platforms including television sets and smart devices such as tablets, smartphones and iOS devices, through Wi-Fi connection.

- My Planner function that allows program recording like PVR system. Programs can be recorded into subscribers’ smart device mentioned above so that they can stay tuned to every favorite program through our Home Solutions services, starting in 2014.

3) Up to 50 HD channels

By the end of this year, TrueVisions will bring more HD channels to subscribers, up to 50 channels in total.

4) TrueVisions Anywhere

With TrueVisions Anywhere application, the best TV viewing application in Thailand, TrueVisions subscribers can watch their favorite programs anywhere, anytime through their smartphones, tablets, or computer devices in iOS and Android. Up to 140 channels are available, 15 of which are HD.