Online Shopping Tips

Tech December 29, 2011 00:00

By TrendLabs, Trend Micro

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Cybercriminals will surely set their sights on online shoppers like you this holiday season. Here are 5 Tried-And-Tested Tips to shop safely.


The average online shopper is femail ~42 years old, and spends US$400 a year on various goods.
Tip 1 - Bookmark reliable online shopping sites. 
Relying on search engine results can lead you to macilious sites. Top 3 e-Commerce sites; ebay,, 
Tip 2 – Ignore suspicious offers sent via e-mail.
Spam offering huge discounts and bargains may contain malicious links or file attachments that lead to system infection. 3 in 4 spam attachments are malicious in nature.
Tip 3 – Verify unbelievable offers.
Spam and online ads that offer mind-boggling promos and discounts can lead to web threats. Top 4 items bought online; computers, consumer electronics, toys, apparel
Tip 4 – Double-check payments sites’ URLs.
Phishers trick users into giving out personal information via spoofed pages. 2 of the most commonly phished sites; ebay and PayPal.
Tip 5 -  Use a reliable security software.
Avoid visiting compromised sites with the help of security software that block access to fake online shopping sites.