University-backed app helps home buyers

Real Estate April 04, 2018 01:00


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CHULALONGKORN University has joined with Home Buyer Guide to set up Chula-Home Dot Tech as a property technology (proptech) startup offering what the partners call personalised living services in the property sector.

Chula-Home Dot Tech will start providing services to the e-market in the first haft of this year.

Supot Teachavorasinskun, dean of the engineering faculty at Chulalongkorn University, said Chula-Home Dot Tech is a one-stop property application that utilises machine learning, virtual reality, data science and Big Data to serve both home-seekers and property developers. It will available in the first haft of this year under the Home Hop application. 

The application will provide features such as Home Hop, Home Event, Home Dashboard and Home Social listening. 

For Home Hop, the feature is designed for home searching “in line with lifestyle and personal-based requirements, enabling customers able to get a better result”, Supot said.

Home Event is a tool designed for home fairs and to help the marketing communications of property developers. 

“Customers wanting to participate in the home event can register online and get information and activities in real time via online channels such as an e-brochure,” Supot said. 

“Home Dashboard is a marketing tool for the property project. The features allow customers to communicate directly with property developers via online channels. 

“I think that the application will be able to support the demands and behaviour of customers in the digital era. Meanwhile, property developers will be able to develop their projects to support the lifestyles and demands of customers.”

Supot said the Home Hop application will meet the demands of customers in digital era.

“Meanwhile, the university will provide technology and innovation to support the private sector so that professors from university will be able to develop information, technology and innovation to support the private sector and transfer research and development from the shelf to the commercial market.” 

Borisut Kasinpila, managing director of Home Buyers Guide, a real estate business media operator of 25 years, said that under the collaboration, the firm will list more than 6,000 properties for a project database that will help buyers search for a new home. 

The service allows customisation for users’ personalities and lifestyle preferences.

“We have collected real estate information for database purposes for 25 years,” Borisut said. “We saw an opportunity to apply that information, knowledge and experience to new possibilities with data science and machine learning.

 “Such innovation will help property developers to plan their investments for maximum efficiency. For customers, it will be easier for them to look for their homes and condominiums with the benefit of more accurate information.”