• Robot service, Sandee, by Sansiri is going to serve product at its customer room, who has order.
  • Application of Seekster who joint to provide the service with Ananda Development Plc.
  • SC Asset Corporation’s management introduce new company, SC Able, who invest in startup business.

Big Data mined to lift designs, services

Real Estate January 05, 2018 01:00


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DEVELOPERS are harnessing Big Data to improve both the designs of their projects and the services they offer customers at the properties.

 “We have been learning what our customers want, especially those who stay in our condominiums because of their need for more and more services that serve their lifestyles,” Sansiri Plc's chief technology officer Tawicha Trakulyingyong said, adding that the aim was to create a sense of well-being for residents.

 “The challenge for me is to develop an IT system that meets our customers’ demands for services, such as applications that let them control the air-conditioning, lighting and water systems.

 “Also, we are thinking about how to provide services that fit with the sharing lifestyles of people, such as a mail-box intelligence system that serves the demand for customers for a more efficient mail and packages service.

 “In addition, we have designed a space for office sharing, as a benefit for people with startup and small and medium-sized enterprises who want do carry out their businesses at home,” Tawicha said.

 The idea of enhancing the well-being of customers, alongside accommodating those who want to pursue a sharing lifestyle, is a priority for Singh Intrachooto, head of the creative centre for eco design at Kasetsart University, who is also chief adviser at Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Ltd's centre for research and innovation for sustainability. He is putting digital technology to work in meeting these goals.

 Singh said property firms need to focus on the quality of living for people by using information technology to improve designs, even though the construction techniques arising from this switch may increase costs - but homeowners would benefit over the long term.

 With the changing environment for property development, most property firms have begun working with startup enterprises to provide innovative services to their customers. 

 An example is Ananda Development Plc’s launch of Ananda UrbanTech, which is a collaboration with a startup business to provide an application that serves the needs of customers at the developer's condominium projects. Among the features of the application is a car-sharing service, provided by Haupcar, and a cleaning and housing service offered jointly with startup business Seekster.

 SC Asset Corporation Plc has set up SC Able to invest in startups that are working in the residential field. Its first deal was an investment in Fixzy, which is an application for residential maintenance. SC Asset said such initiatives form part of its response to evolving customer demands.

 “This is a new era for how we do business under the concept of SC 4.0,” SC Asset Corporation Plc's chief executive officer Nuttaphong Kunakornwong said recently, referring to a vision that takes its cue from the government's Thailand 4.0 technology policy.