The house that we built

Real Estate July 17, 2017 14:46

By The Nation

Thailand’s leading property developer AP (Thailand) recently launched the AP Academy Lab, the first laboratory in Thailand dedicated to comprehensive learning of real estate.

The facility is equipped to provide A-to-Z training in the real estate trade, from planning to designing, building, project management, sales and after sales services. It focuses on in-depth practical learning to improve the quality of life in the digital age. AP (Thailand) is the first to put together in one place a real estate classroom and laboratory and has invested Bt70 million in the project.

Located on 800 square metres on the 31st floor of Lake Ratchada Building, the space is designed by architect Pitupong Chaowakul of Thai design firm Supermachine Studio in collaboration with AP Design Lab. 

“AP Academy Lab was developed with the purpose to develop AP people through experiential learning. This effort requires a venue that is complete with a range of tools to stimulate independent learning and creativity, which will lead to the creation of new innovations for the quality of living in the digital age and beyond. This year AP Academy is ready to provide a new experience both for our people and people from outside who would greatly contribute to the future of Thailand such as university students joining experiential learning through AP Open House,” says academy director Pumipat Sinacharoen.

“This project was very challenging because the designated area was limited by its unmoveable shape and it is not easy to communicate the complex subject of home building into something exciting, not boring. This is because the information that AP Academy wants to share is quite technical. But I was impressed when I saw the space design by Pitupong. The difficulty of making a home lab does not just lie in the reduction of size and the making of a model house that reveals all the structural parts, but it also involves all the systems that have been designed under AP’s building standards in preparation for a better quality of life in the digital age,”, adds head of Corporate Marketing and AP Design Lab director Sappasit Foongfaungchaveng.

Pumpipat explains. “The thinking that made my work different is outside of the box. The design concept of AP Academy Lab is a ‘Living Laboratory of the Future’. We want the space to be a place for creating ideas and new innovations. The home lab is the highlight here. The design challenge was how to communicate the process of home building that is so complicated in a way that makes learning fun and exciting.”

The lab is divided into four compartments:

>> AP Home Lab – an area designed for experiential learning with a complete house model built to fit in the compartment. The home lab is a joint creative effort by AP Design Lab and Jack of Supermachine Studio to draw the young generation into learning how to build a home against industry conventions

>> Collaboration Space – an area where knowledge and ideas are shared

>> Play Space – a resting corner to stimulate new creative ideas

>> AP Auditorium – a zone for formal seminars and training to stimulate all AP employees to learn by doing together at every step of the process. 

AP also holds AP Open House 2017 programme by AP Academy which is open to 50 third and fourth-year university students o attend a two-month intensive internship with AP during which time they will learn the whole process of working in the real estate industry.

A new course in marketing and sales has been added to the programme in addition to civil engineering. The programme focuses on training by doing and AP Academy Lab plays a vital role in ensuring that the student interns and AP employees have a hands-on training before a field trip to the construction site. 

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