ETDA goes big for its eighth anniversary

Economy July 12, 2018 11:12

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Surangkana Wayuparb, executive director and chief executive of the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) or ETDA, a department of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, will host the event “Future Economy and Internet Governance: Big Change to Big Chance” from July 23 to 25 at Royal Paragon Hall on the fifth floor of Siam Paragon.

The event, which will be open from 10am to 8pm on all three days, marks the agency’s eighth anniversary and aims to publicise the roles and responsibilities of ETDA over the past seven years while demonstrating its readiness to help drive Thailand towards a Digital Economy.

It will also serve as a platform to strengthen knowledge, share experiences and best practices in using digital technology to add value to the economy, and increase the potential of businesses, as well as create jobs. Another objective is to enable people to prepare for the changes and developments needed to fully move into a true digital era, which will lift living standards of Thais in a sustainable way. 

The event is in line with the government’s policy of Thailand 4.0, which places importance on taking advantage of digital technology to increase the country’s capabilities and competitiveness. This policy also aims to stimulate interest, and therefore increase investments, in the digital field from leading digital technology companies both within the country and internationally through the advancement of laws and regulations, standards and cybersecurity – or “soft infrastructure” – and the development and promotion of e-commerce and online consumer trust.

“Future Economy and Internet Governance: Big Change to Big Chance” will feature an exhibition of digital technology highlights from both national and international leading departments and organizations. The highlights from ETDA itself will be exhibited in the ETDA Pavilion zone and showcase ETDA’s accomplishments and never-before-seen technologies in the areas of Cybersecurity, e-Commerce and Digital Technology.

Each day will have a different theme. Day 1 on July 23 will explore “Future Economy” (What the future economy should be like); Day 2’s theme “Today’s Economy Waiting to Change will examine what is changing in today’s economy and what needs to change); while day 3 is devoted to “Internet Governance” and will include important big data and cooperation issues.

A series of international seminars is also on the agenda, with experts in the field of digital technology coming from all over the world to share their experiences. There are over 30 scheduled topics, as well as special debates from national policy makers, for example, “Future Economy & Internet Governance” by Air Chief Marshal Dr. Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister; and “The Key Success Factors of Future Economy” by Dr Pichet Durongkaverote, Minister of Digital Economy and Society.

Keynote speeches will be given by representatives of the public and private sectors, among them “Cybersecurity Next: Managing Digital Risk in the New Era” by Rohit Ghai, President of RSA, part of Dell Technologies. Also not to be missed is the public hearing, which will open the floor for opinions in drafting crucial laws to drive the digital economy and digital society, as well as the Declaration of Cooperation regarding the readiness of Thai businesses in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

There will be a zone for Job Matching, where students, employees and members of the public who are interested in working in businesses related to Digital Technology, Big Data, e-Commerce, Cybersecurity, Digital Financial and the Internet will be able to apply for jobs on the spot as well as training activities to further educate those interested in developing their businesses and specialist skills.

ETDA is the organization responsible for the development and support of electronic transactions for Thailand, which also include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and community enterprises (OTOP), as well as the study of the current needs, and the development the information infrastructure necessary to support electronic transactions and electronic financial businesses. ETDA is also responsible for working on cybersecurity to help the Thai economy grow in a stable and sustainable way.

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