Screens to kill off paper ID copies at govt offices

Economy May 26, 2018 01:00


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THAIS will soon no longer need to show photocopies of their ID cards or household registration certificates when dealing with government offices.

The Digital Government Agency (DGA) expects the administrative changes will take effect by the end of the year as people’s records are accessed online.

The DGA said it will submit to the Cabinet as early as next month a report on the resolutions of the Digital Government Development Steering Committee meeting that dealt with this issue.

The agency will also set up an entity known as the Government Data Exchange Centre (GDX) that will serve as a hub for e-government services next year. 

Airada Luangvilai, senior executive vice president of the DGA, said the submission to the Cabinet will recommend the scrapping of the long-established practice of people showing paper copies of their ID and household papers.

The change would see digital verification of people’s data applied when they go to any of the 300 government agencies and 60,000 government counters nationwide.

 Under the next stage of the programme, the government will enable Thai citizens to register businesses without having to hand over the paper copies of their ID and household registration. 

The DGA said exceptions may apply at some government agencies, such as the Lands Department and in the court system.

“After a survey of government agencies, we are pushing to ahead to provide e-services that do away with the need for paper copies of the documents. This will enable the one-stop provision of e-government services under a paperless system,” said Airada. 

Regarding the plan for the GDX, she said the facility would serve as the backbone of the government’s information network.

 In this capacity, it would carry out the role of an e-government hub and enable a one-stop service linking all government agencies.

Thais dealing with government agencies and officials will be able to access the required information on touch-screen terminals.

To advance these plans, the agency has signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Metamedia Technology to develop an application known as CITIZENinfo. 

It will enable Thais to find about e-government services, along with displaying maps and other location details.

In a later stage, the app will make use of Longdo Map, which is an open-data that developers use to create new products and services. The initiative can help boost tourism as it will work with the features of the CITIZENinfo app.