Digital economy will boost salaries, Kelly Services predicts

Economy April 23, 2018 12:57

By The Nation

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Salaries are projected to increase by 5.5 per cent in Thailand this year, with the top-paying jobs being in fintech, ecommerce, retail, manufacturing, tourism and construction, the Kelly Services Thailand Salary Guide has forecast. 

Its survey indicates the Thai economy will grow between 3.8 and 4 per cent. 

“These will be underpinned by the nation’s shift towards a digital economy under the Thailand 4.0 roadmap, which will drive employment and wages as technology opens up new opportunities for workers,” said Wanna Assavakarint, managing director of Kelly Services Thailand.

“Workers can look forward to moderate salary increases following a successful year for the economy. Industries undergoing digital transformation will experience expanding challenges as they steer away from the ‘middle-income trap’ and work towards an innovation-led model.”

Wanna said one of the biggest growth opportunities ahead would lie in expanding human capital to keep pace with the digitisation of the economy. 

“There will be tremendous demand for workers in STEM – science, technology, engineering, mathematics – fields, with investment in building these specialised skills crucial to fulfilling Thailand’s digital economy vision.

“We expect a greater demand for technology-literate workers as businesses in relevant sectors shift towards more technology-based production activities and services to better compete internationally,” she said.