Disruptions of digitalisation under focus at conference

Economy October 18, 2017 01:00


PICHET Durongkaveroj, Minister of Digital Economy and Society, will make the keynote speech at the Biennial BIIA (Business Information Industry Association) Conference, which opens in Bangkok today.

The theme of this year’s event is “Embracing Digitisation”, with information industry professionals, policymakers as well as regulators coming together to discuss the challenges in the fast-moving and constantly developing information environment.

The BIIA is a professional organisation that brings together providers of a wide range of business information services which help other businesses manage their growth and reduce risk. 

Apart from hosting regular events for its international members, the BIIA organises its main conference every two years to draw industry leaders from around the world, highlight the newest developments and generate new solutions and ideas. 

This year the emphasis is on embracing digitisation, particularly in the field of finance and banking.

“Technology is developing more quickly today than ever before. This means we are now able to create new products and services faster and understand who uses them, how and why,” said Joachim Bartels, co-founder of BIIA and organiser of the BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference. 

The event ends on October 20.

“By collecting this information, evaluating and assessing it, it becomes possible to reduce risk and increase the profitability for many companies. These days, this tendency is particularly strong in the financial sector where new startups are creating solutions for very specific customer segments which were previously ignored.

“Understanding these new trends and their impact on the financial industry is a big part of this year’s Biennial BIIA Conference and I am thrilled to know how many industry leaders will be attending and sharing their views this year.”

The organisers say that with Thailand having a history of early adoption of all things digital, the topic of digitisation is particularly prevalent in the Kingdom. 

There are already many banks and companies designing ways to make more transactions digital and create simple and time-saving solutions for companies and consumers.

 Pichet and the BIIA chairman and former minister of finance, Thirachai Phuvanatnaranubala, have been a driving force in this development.

 In recent years they have enabled Thai financial institutions and service providers to embrace new technology and create many benefits for both businesses and private users, the organisers say.

 Due to the important role they have played and the experiences they have gained, Pichet and Thirachai were invited to hold the opening keynote and welcoming speech of the 2017 conference, respectively. 

“In Thailand we are always looking to embrace innovations as they arise,” Pichet said.

“This helps make us competitive in the global market and brings the Thai people many advantages. Services and products can be made more efficient and cost-effective which benefits everybody involved. 

“It is my pleasure to be sharing the Thai perspective on embracing digitisation at the BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference and I hope a fruitful collaboration will follow between the BIIA and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society.”


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