Trerak showcases her soap products at Mini Thailand Week 2019 Bago in Myanmar, which was held from March 28 to 31.
Trerak showcases her soap products at Mini Thailand Week 2019 Bago in Myanmar, which was held from March 28 to 31.

  Former actress in a hurry to pass on her beauty secrets

Corporate April 08, 2019 01:00


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A WELL-KNOWN singer and actress of the 1990s, Trerak Rakkandee, has set up her own cosmetic and skincare company, aiming to be a major player in Asia.

The company, Tri Trerak Co Ltd, recently launched its ‘ME’ jigsaw soaps as the first product in its portfolio. The soaps target premium customers both in Thailand and abroad.

Since starting the business two months ago, the first lot of 50,000 pieces of ‘ME’ soaps have been sold domestically. The company has had new orders for more than 100,000 pieces, Trerak said.

“I think I’m professional about beauty. I’m 52, but still look young, and I would like to share this beauty secret with everyone,” said Trerak, the managing director of Tri Trerak Co Ltd.

“The main inspiration behind the launch of my own cosmetics and skincare firm is ‘ME’ and Thai women of all generations. I would like to share beauty secrets with Thai women. They are so beautiful and in good shape. 

“This means they always take care of their beauty and health. And that makes me think about myself that I should never stop taking care of myself. This is why I came up with my product,” said Trerak. 

She added that she expects her business to grow fast because she has come up with a niche product with very good branding.

“My brand will offer all skincare products as well as cosmetics in the future. It is my dream to create both cosmetics and skincare lines. I’m crazily in love with these products,” said Trerak.

“I am focusing on innovation and having a niche for all my products. I would like to have it as close to nature as possible,” said Trerak, adding, “I have the courage to do things differently.”

Trerak said she wants to create a strong brand with a clear concept, which is: ‘Boutique beauty is urban, unique, chic with the best quality’. Also, innovation of new products is the main key,” she said.

“I am blending all these together for my customers to see and feel the difference to have loyal customers in the future,” said Trerak. “With my ambition and dreams, I would like to see my business grow stronger and stronger. I will continue to produce innovative and boutique skincare products for everyone,” she added.

Trerak said that she is yet to export her products to other countries.

“At the moment, we are dealing with the buyers from Sri Lanka and Bahrain. We are working on the documentation, because those countries have strict regulations on the import of cosmetic products.”

She revealed that when she attended the Baan Lae Suan Fair last month, she was contacted by two well-known department stores such as Siam Discovery Center and Lotte Duty Free to present and sell her products in their department stores. “However, I have to manage and complete our shop within the next two months as promised,” she said.

Trerak said that she has been busy this month attending a business-matching platform in Myanmar. She is also preparing for another local fair called Style Bangkok and an international fair in Hong Kong. She is also setting up franchise stores in Chiang Mai and Phuket in the next two months, Trerak said. 

Trerak said in the first year of operations, the company expects 70 of sales in the domestic market and 30 per cent from exports.

“Over the next three years, I expect to have 70 per cent of annual revenue from exports and 30 per cent from the domestic market,” she said.