Line sets ambitious target for online TV platform

Corporate February 13, 2019 01:00


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LINE TV aims to become the online TV platform for all Thais by 2021 and expects to see triple-digit growth in advertising revenue.

Kawin Tangudtaisak, the content business director of Line Thailand, said this year the firm intends to offer an exclusive Indian series, as well as exclusive drama and entertainment, working with proven producers such as WorkPoint, GMM TV and Nadao Bangkok to capture and drive trends via Line TV. 

It will provide personalised content to cater to individual audiences. 

It will also enhance music experience with original albums and concerts, as well as series and short films from GDH and Yinglee.

The firm, moreover, will offer animation series such as Naruto, Ikkyu San to woo male audiences. 

It aims to see male audiences jump from 40 per cent to more than 50 per cent by the end of this year.

“Our vision for 2019-21 is to become the online TV service of choice for all Thais.”

He added that the firm will reach Line TV audiences nationwide by the end of 2021. 

“We want to be an online TV platform for all Thais by 2021,” Kawin said.

He added that last year there were around 55 million TV viewers and around 60 per cent, or 33 million, were Line TV audiences who spent average 2.43 hours per day online. 

There are 24.75 million Line TV active viewers. 

The ratio of Line TV audiences is now 60 per cent women and 40 per cent men.

Meanwhile, Norasit Sitivechvi-chit, the commercial director of Line Thailand, said the firm expects to generate advertising growth in triple digits via Line TV. The top-three advertisers on Line TV are beauty and hygiene products, followed by tech/telco and e-commerce products, and small and medium advertising platform.

He revealed that advertising spending on Line TV had grown by more than 100 per cent year on year, and will peak at 400-per-cent growth in the fourth quarter of 2019. Line TV started to offer TV programmes four years ago and has seen 100-per-cent growth every year.