DTAC pays first instalment of 1800MHz licence fee

Corporate November 19, 2018 16:22

By The Nation

Mobile operator dtac TriNet on Monday paid the first instalment of the 1800MHz spectrum licence fee to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.

The payment was for Bt6.693 billion, half the total licence fee of Bt12.511 billion.

With a complete spectrum portfolio including both low-band and high-band licences, its parent DTAC is now confident that it will deliver a strong network experience to customers across the country, said Alexandra Reich, chief executive officer of Total Access Communication (DTAC).

“We will use the 1800MHz spectrum acquired through the auction to support our large remaining 2G subscriber base and to enhance our 4G network efficiency. The extra capacity allows us to keep up with the rapid growth of mobile Internet demand and perfectly complements our portfolio. 

“DTAC now provides mobile services across 110MHz of spectrum bandwidth in all frequency bands, including 10MHz on 900 MHz, 10MHz on 1800MHz, 30MHz on 2100MHz, and 60MHz on 2300MHz through a partnership with TOT,” she said.

The 1800MHz spectrum licence that dtac TriNet acquired at auction includes two times 5MHz in the range of 1745-1750 MHz, paired with 1840-845MHz. 

DTAC will pay for the 15-year licence, valid until 2033, in three instalments. 

The second payment is for 25 per cent, due next year, with the final payment due in 2020.

“DTAC has already paid the full Bt13.5 billion for the 2100MHz spectrum licence acquired in 2012. In addition to the first installment of the 1800MHz licence fee, DTAC is also preparing to make the first payment of Bt4.02 billion – out of a total amount of Bt38.064 billion – for the 900MHz licence fee, in compliance with the auction requirements,” the CEO added.

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