Sugarcane farming products launched

Corporate November 14, 2018 20:07

By The Nation

Siam Kubota has unveiled two tractor products for sugarcane farming: a Sugarcane Leaf Remover, which facilitates manual sugarcane harvesting and reduces the need to burn sugarcane leaves, and a Sugarcane Cut Remover, which allows sugarcane farmers to finish harvesting in one go.

These two implements will ensure that professional cane farmers have fresh sugarcane to deliver to sugar factories with higher incomes.

Somsak Mauthorn, Siam Kubota vice president, said: “As a result of the government’s zoning policy that promotes the conversion of paddy fields in geographically unfavourable areas into plantations of economic crops, such as sugarcane, cassava and maize. It has found that some farmers have turned to do sugarcane farming."