Tavee Julasaksrisakul, Director of King Pac Industrial Co
Tavee Julasaksrisakul, Director of King Pac Industrial Co

King Pac makes Ben Chalatit their new brand Hero

Corporate November 09, 2018 14:51

By The Nation

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King Pac Industrial Co is spending about Bt100 million on marketing and deploying singer Ben Chalatit as its brand ambassador to encourage consumers to “put garbage in garbage bags” and raise public awareness of proper garbage disposal and waste sorting.

The company said it has launched new environment-friendly Hero garbage bags, breast milk storage bags, ice cube bags and shopping bags that are biodegradable. The company said it is also ready to help promote the sales of its dealers to achieve its overall sales target of Bt1 billion through local and overseas markets by the end of this year.

Tavee Julasaksrisakul, Director of King Pac Industrial Co, which is a leading distributor of food wrap under the “Hero” brand, says the company is using innovations to promote the brand in Thailand so that it will become the leading brand in the three categories of plastic packages namely “Keep Home Clean”, “Keep Food Fresh” and “Keep Item Safe”.

The company says it is determined to make Thai people realise the importance of proper garbage disposal and campaign for the use of garbage bags. Therefore, it is promoting “Hero garbage bags” that are in the “Keep Home Clean” product category and perfectly meet the demand of consumers when it comes to product quality and environmental friendliness.

Tavee says the company is seriously getting into the garbage bag market after seeing its great growth potential as society is cares about the environment. Besides, no other brands have developed garbage bags with the same quality as “Hero” garbage bags. In the market, “Hero” meets a unique challenge because it is not competing with any brand but is winning the hearts of consumers.

Tavee said: “We want to change the habit of consumers who do not think they should pay for garbage bags because they can just use plastic shopping bags. The idea is not quite right because consumers are unaware of problems resulting from putting garbage in wrong kinds of bags which usually leak, rupture and fail to contain smells. Sometimes consumers must waste their time while cleaning dirty leaks from garbage bags. Bacteria accumulate at the places of garbage bins. Insects and animals build up in a disturbing manner. These can harm households’ health. The Hero brand will build public awareness of putting garbage in real garbage bags and properly disposing of and sorting garbage.”

The company said Hero garbage bags are the outcome of advanced production. Three kinds of raw materials are used for different categories of Hero products. 1. New and quality plastic pellets are used to make Hero garbage bags of export quality. The black garbage bags are thick, durable and odourless and will not rupture though holding plenty of garbage. 2. Industrial plastic scrap is used to make garbage bags of other colours. They are tough, durable and fragrant. 3. Plastic waste imported from other countries and bought from communities is used to make Hero Eco garbage bags for export only.

The company said Innovative Hero Eco garbage bags are developed to protect the environment. They are made from recycled polyethylene (PE). The product wins the Supreme Award from the Asean Plastics Awards 2018 competition. For the local market, the company will introduce the product of export quality within this year.

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